The Initiation of Jennifer

Mistress Alexia

It all started with a glass of wine during one of those profound late night discussions when Mistresses dig their heels into a tightly-bound sub and put the world to rights.

Mistress O: Why, my darling Alexia, you mean you actually pay for a cleaner? O stared in disbelief as American Superstar Goddesses are prone to doing.

But, but doesn't everybody have a house-boy or maid? You simply must get one! Images of servants living in a shed at the bottom of the garden came to mind and I felt deliciously evil as I dug my heels into the pathetic fool under my feet.

That night I left O's with a mission to find a maid.

The following weekend at a club a rather glamorous TV approached me. Mistress O sent me - you are looking for a maid?

Yes, I purred, not wishing to live up to my reputation as the ice queen. She had references, she had experience, she was trustworthy, she informed me she was not afraid of hard work.

I stood up, and began to outline the requisite skills as I paced slowly around her, inspecting her closely. I noticed she was shifting nervously from one heel to the other. I continued with the list of tasks to be undertaken and the exacting standards to which they would be completed. We came face to face, she stepped back. What is it? Mistress?

What, girl, speak freely?

I'm sorry but you'd be a bitch to work for!

Indeed, I smiled.

And off she went never to be seen again.

Then came the house-boy, this time sent by the TV I smiled, I listened: experience, references, blah, blah, blah. I thought he was rather cute.

He handed me a note with his telephone number, my eyes widened - dirty fingernails, jumbled handwriting, Oh No, No, No this would never do.

Time to enlist some help. The word spread. I received various recommendations but all incompetent fools.

Then my dear friend zippy telephoned. He had a Christmas present for me - Jennifer - she would be perfect. Good! We arranged a trial the following evening. She would serve dinner and drinks and do some light housework over which I would preside. If she failed to please me I reminded zippy that there would be an execution - his.

On the night in question zippy and j were already comfortably seated in the lounge quaffing wine and waiting for the spectacle to begin. jennifer arrived and changed into a sober looking little black dress and frilly apron. Chained by the ankle to the breakfast bar in the kitchen (the chain just a little too short to enable her to reach anything with ease) - she began her first task, to polish the silver tray upon which she would then serve drinks.

It was time to inspect her work - I donned my white gloves like a drill sergeant on parade. jennifer was smiling as I ran a finger over the now gleaming tray.

What's this you miserable little slut? I bellowed as I shoved the gloved finger, now black with polish, under her nose.

P, polish Mistress? Zippy and j had begged me to be gentle. I placed my crop under her chin and pushed her head back just a little too far.

Clean it again you pathetic worm and if I come back and you are not finished you'll be doing it with the end of my crop wedged in that nice tight virgin ass!

I returned to find her standing to attention, tray held between white gloved hands and not a speck of polish to be found - not bad!

She cleaned the fridge, served drinks and dinner, shaking just a little as her eyes met with j's. I spanked and caned her and sent her home. She needed training but she would do - zippy would live.

She was to arrive the next morning at 10:00. At 9:34 the telephone rang, she was early.

Well, wait outside in the rain, you stupid girl!

I lazed, had another coffee, chatted to a friend and then corseted, heeled and feeling demonic and ready for her initiation, I opened the door. jennifer, the first rule is to be punctual! You arrived early, this made me late. It is now 10:04. Had I not had to answer your call I would have been ready at 10:00. You have made me late by 4 minutes for which you will be punished.

She brought flowers and the Sunday paper and served me coffee in a china mug with lipstick traces around the rim. I grabbed her by the scruff of the neck, frog-marched her to the kitchen and tipped the coffee over the worktop, leaving her to clean the mess and serve fresh coffee in a clean mug.

The look on her face was that of a rabbit startled in the headlights - it did nothing to placate me, I was furious - the words of Kim (Club RUB) echoed in my head:

More trouble than they are worth, Alexia. Give them a job and they do it badly just to get punished...

I needed calm, I needed quiet and I did not need a brat on a Sunday morning. Slut, bring me my purple rope!

She appeared with the rope and a look of terror on her face - I pushed her to the ground and within minutes she was in a hog tie at my feet - I read the paper in blissful silence.

jennifer, is that hog tie uncomfortable?

Yes, Mistress

I knelt down and whispered softly:

Are the ropes burning, cutting into your flesh. Are your limbs aching, are you going numb?

Yes, Mistress

jennifer, you are totally helpless and at my mercy, do you want to be released? Please, Mistress! she panted.

I smiled - we never did decide on a safeword. I checked the ropes still plenty of room - did she really think I would fall for it?

I remarked that she had not spaced the jars in the fridge evenly, I like them with the labels facing outwards - more punishment. I decided some training with my new snake whip might help her focus.

With her still hog tied, I towered in front of her cracking the whip sufficiently close to add to her unease and torment, she knew that she dare not move for fear of being caught by the tail. Bratty she may be but masochist, I think not. It was oh so deliciously tempting!

Saved by the phone - it was zippy.

Just checking she's still ok.

I put the phone to her ear and kicked her.

Mistress says I am a pathetic, worthless slut.

The conversation ended, I untied the unfortunate dishevelled mess.

Traumatised, she carried out the housework quickly and in silence, she washed my latex, hung up my whips and licked my boots. As I showed her to the door a smile beamed across her face.

Same time next week Mistress?

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