Rubber Submission

Rubber slave

I had been instructed to meet Goddess at, appropriately, a club called Goddess.

The ritual began as ever.

I waited patiently for Mistress to arrive. I sat quietly and prepared to submit to Her will. Focussing on Her dominant power, I struggled to calm myself.

She had not summoned me for a few weeks, Mistress had been in San Francisco and I hoped She would tell me about Her dark adventures so that I may replay them in my mind during my quiet moments.

Then She arrived, beautiful, immaculate, my Goddess, my love.

I knelt down and She stood behind me. I was engulfed by Her scent, Her aura, as applied first my hood, then a restrictive posture collar.

My erection hardened. The collaring ceremony never failed to electrify me. I fell to my knees and kissed the tips of Her gleaming, patent boots before She hauled me up and led me round the room as She chatted and socialised with Her many friends and admirers, or used me as Her foot-stool, Her chair, Her table.

It was quite late into the evening when the scene occurred. An event I had been hoping for, and dreading, for months. Mistress slipped away for a few minutes, and when She returned Her shiny latex form had changed. It was the expression in Her eyes that alerted me first, a look of sheer power and erotic charge.

As She moved through the crowd I saw it, a perfect, rubber phallus, hard and horizontal. She had instructed me not to plug myself, and now I knew why. Mistress led me gently to the padded bench and slowly unzipped my cat suit and loosened my latex briefs before I was strapped into place by four padded leather restraints.

This would be the test, the moment that my submission was complete for a male slave, the ultimate act of servitude and humiliation.

Nipple clamps were applied...then I felt Her hands, gloved and moist with lube probing, stretching, relaxing me. Her fingers sliding into me, preparing me for Her ultimate dominance.

Minutes passed, moments of amazement and reverence. I longed for what would happen next, but had no real idea of how it would feel, what it would mean.

Then I felt Her left hand on my back and Her knees pressing against my thighs, Her other hand was guiding the way, and I felt for the first time the most intense pressure, as the tip of Mistress' huge cock pressed against my anus. She eased Herself behind me, and the feeling changed, I had opened and engulfed Her strap-on. Mistress was inside me for the first time, filling me, taking me, using me for Her pleasure. I shuddered with pain and joy.

She eased back, and thrust in, building a rhythm. A rhythm that confirmed Her power, Her Dominance and my total submission.

I have no idea how long the session lasted. All I know is that my body, still restrained by the thick leather straps, was writhing with the most intense feelings. I was sweating, unable to think, struggling to control myself as I rode through waves of pleasure and pain. I tried to imagine the scene as my beloved latex clad Goddess fucked me, hard.

Cum now, slave

The permission came not a second too soon. My cock shuddered, and the most enormous ejaculation filled my latex sheath. I was exhausted, taken, incapable of uttering a word.

I don't remember her removing her strap-on or disappearing with her maid in tow and it seemed to me that She let me recover only for a minute or two before releasing the bonds. I remember wanting to sink to my knees and lose myself in worshiping her cock but she yanked the chain attached to my collar and I staggered to my feet light-headed and unsteady on my heels.

A vision of perfect latex dominance stood before me, Her corset tightly accentuating her small waist and broad hips, her dark latex gleaming in the half-light.

Have you been sleeping slut?

Had my imagination played a cruel trick on me, had I imagined the whole thing, then I detected a wicked gleam in her eye that told me I had not been dreaming.

She pushed me to my knees.

Thank-You Mistress

Go and clean yourself up slut

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