I never know who She is.

She has many play personalities with many facets; one or a combination of all may appear tonight. I once thought I could distinguish them, I was wrong.

The lines that separate Her personalities blur and there is a mix. At times they are very clearly defined and I know which is there, other times, like now, I do not know whom to expect.

I will falter when I am unsure of a basic requirement.

Am I to call her Mistress or Daddy?

I don't want to get it wrong yet I also don't want to be ignorant and disrespectful.

This is squirm time. Playtime.

I am knelt the way She likes me.

Totally naked, clean-shaven, legs apart, straight back, hands resting on my thighs.

Emptying my head. Waiting.

I can hear Her in the adjoining room although I cannot tell what She is doing. Familiar sounds mix with the unfamiliar and all the while my head empties.

I am preparing. Making sure I concentrate only on Her before me and what She needs. My breathing is slow and deep as my mind empties completely, I feel almost trance-like.

She is entering the room.

Slow deliberate steps. I dare not look up. The scent of Her perfume dances around me. I concentrate on looking down; I feel the coolness of the leather collar fitting snugly around my neck.


The padlock snaps shut. I am Hers.

My mind races again, I am trying to guess how I should address Her, who will She be? I try and stop my thoughts running away and struggle to focus on the here and now. Up

I stand relaxing my neck so that my eyes do not meet Hers; She has not said that I can look into Her eyes.

I take in Her clothing. Black Latex. A new outfit I have not seen before.

Military in appearance with an exquisitely short skirt. I catch myself wondering if She is wearing any underwear and hope that She is not.

I feel a little light-headed, Her perfume mingling with the scent of latex and the anticipation of what might happen, a heady cocktail for me.

I feel Her stare burning into me, ensuring that I am as She requires. I pray She finds nothing wrong.

She reaches across and pulls the O ring of my collar. Turning I follow, it is hard trying to keep up without stumbling. She is pulling on the ring and there is only a short distance between us.

She leads me into the main room and I register music, candles and a woody scent. I can't tell what the smell is.

She stops and releases the ring. I drop to my knees waiting for Her instruction.

Before I know it I feel Her place a hood over my face. In an instant, I lose my sight and most of my hearing. Encased in a safe but scary blackness as She tightens the laces.

With every pull of the lace I relinquish a little more control to Her, with every tightening I am more reliant on Her.

She is watching me.

I can feel Her eyes dancing over me as I wait. Nothing happens and I begin to feel uncomfortable.

Did I hear Her laugh or did I imagine it?

My mind is racing again, then suddenly a tug on the O ring brings me straight back to Her. It feels like the tug was upwards, I dare to stand. Nothing happens - I must have got it right.

Another tug on the ring and a pull. I follow, it is not easy without the benefit of sight and I have lost every sense of direction.We stop again. I am lost. I have no idea where we are only that we are in the same room with the aroma I now recognise as cedar.

My hands are pulled roughly behind my back and I feel cuffs of some kind fastened.

Suddenly, a white hot pain sears through my nipples as I recognise the feel of clamps. She kicks my feet apart and then another white hot pain across my clit.

Oh My God!

She has never put a clamp here before and it hurts. It hurts a lot. I try to compose myself and regulate my breathing.

I try to stand still and then I feel a hand on my shoulder with a pressure to indicate that I am to kneel. I slowly sink to my knees although I can tell I have not been graceful by the chuckle that reaches my ears.

I keep my knees apart, mindful of the clamp on my clit and not wishing to knock it in any way.

I feel Her boot pushing between my legs. I understand. I manage to ask if I may and She replies that I can.

I slowly ride her boot and work myself off with every movement echoed in the clamp causing the pain that I so crave from Her. I can feel my juice on Her boot and then Her boot is gone. I try and chase it. I fail.

Her hand pushes the back of my head and she guides me downwards so that I am kneeling with my ass in the air. My head is pushed down further and I feel Her boot.

Clean it

I push my tongue through the opening in the hood and begin to kiss and lick Her boot, tasting my own juices and hoping that She is enjoying the view.

She must be satisfied with my boot cleaning because She guides me back up.The back of my knees catch against something hard, She pushes and I am seated.

I don't remember seeing a chair.

My wrists are uncuffed and She binds them to the arms of the chair with my fingers strapped flat so that I cannot grip.

I am worried, I can hardly move. A tug on the nipple clamps reminds me they are there and I feel my juices trickle. I am aware that I am very wet and that She can sense the state of my arousal.

She pushes something cold inside me. It is not her dick. It is smaller and is forced deep inside me.

Another white hot pain as She yanks the clamps off and then a vibration deep inside me.


I sense She has left. Randomly the vibrator leaps into action keeping me on the edge of horny and in a constant state of arousal.

I don't know where She is or how long I have been like this. All I know is that I am as horny as hell and starting to float. I am finding that place in the blackness. Bliss.

Shit! I can't breathe.

I didn't get the chance to gulp air.

Oh fuck! I need to cum.

Is she there? Please?

Oh God, I need air.

I can breathe again. Then, Air Off; Air On - over and over.

I love Her.

I am completely Hers.

I am tripping to that place in the blackness.

My entire existance is around Her. Nothing in the world matters. It is the way it is, the way it should be.

Cum bitch

And with that the vibrator is on, my hooded head is yanked back and my air supply is off.

I cum hard and am shaking as I feel Her release me from the chair and unhood me. The hood is replaced with a blindfold and after being allowed to catch myself for a moment or two She leads me to another room. I am pushed down face first onto what I assume is Her bed. I dare not move.

A chain, I feel a chain being wrapped around my ankle and I know I am going nowhere.

Touch me as She guides my hand to Her body.

Happily I begin to explore. Without sight it feels like I have never been here before.

New and unexplored.

My mouth finds Her feet and I smother them in kisses whilst rubbing them.

I work up, exploring every inch of Her.

A tug on my hair tells me She is bored with my explorations. I bring my hands up between Her legs and my mouth down on top of them.


Hungrily, I explore. Her clit dances under my tongue and I can feel Her wetness, tasting Her. I move down and push inside Her, I fuck Her with my tongue and feel Her respond to the rhythm.

She pulls my hair harder and I reach up and gently play with Her breasts.

A finger joins my tongue and I hear a moan as I replace tongue for fingers and return to Her clit.

Her body tenses and in my blackness, senses heightened, I respond to this giving everything I have.

I am hers to use.

I am praying She will allow me to make Her cum.

I am almost at the point of orgasm when I feel Her contract hard and cum around my fingers. An orgasm with a strength I had dreamed about.

My hair is tugged upwards and our lips meet. Deep and passionate and then She takes a moment.

I know what will happen soon. The blindfold and collar will be removed. My come-down will start.

She reads my mind.

No, baby boi, tonight you stay like that

I am in heaven.

She holds me tight in the blackness denying me the use of my eyes. My collar reminding me of my owner, the chain reminding me of my place. Knowing the scene will continue I fall asleep safe and content in Her arms.

I wake with a start.

Her cock pushing into my mouth, my nose pinched. I almost gag but quickly come to.

Is it day or night?

I don't know.

I don't care.

Her cock is in my mouth.

I am horny. It's playtime.

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