A Night in with the Girls

Last night I had a little soiree for a few of my dearest Mistress friends.

Jennifer the slut did not attend to serve but instead interrupted our evening by telephoning to enquire about my well being. It was fine until she called - No, her services were not required and yes we did want to be left to enjoy our evening without her.

Ms Tytania who recently arrived back in the UK from a trip to Adelaide entertained us with tales of Tasmanian Devils, submissives in flip-flops and fetish al-fresco Australian style. I was delighted to hear that she has well and truly left her mark (or should that be stripes) down under.

Mistress Eli requires a butler for a special event. If you are thinking of applying, references, good manners and a high pain threshold are essential.

It was good to see Kadett of Ubercool leather designers Beautiful and Damned - which reminded me that I needed some new fetish daywear ...so should my loved ones be reading this I would like a new 6" wide belt to go with that nice tight pinstriped skirt...

It is inevitable that when Mistresses get together away from snivelling submissives they will swap tips, hatch plans and devise sadistic methods of punishing even the most trivial misdemeanour - What a lovely evening and no doubt it will be repeated again soon!

I am pleased to see that Mistress Diva graces the cover of the current edition of Forum magazine. Club Pedestal were reviewed in Scarlet magazine - the article can be read on the Pedestal website.

Dark Dreams - Mistress Alexia

St Valentine's Day

What a fabulous surprise I had when I arrived home this evening!

Twelve long-stemmed red roses (with heart-shaped balloon attached),and a box of my favourite organic chocolates had been placed at my bedside by the boi. She snuck in whilst I was out to leave me a token of her love before I fly off to New York. Last week she attended with 100 daffodils to celebrate the anniversary of our fourth year as Mistress and boi - I am delighted that after four years she remains so thoughtful.

Thank you also to those friends who remembered my birthday and sent cards early so I would not be without them on the day - your kind wishes will be with me in New York

On Servitude - August 2006

Last month I continued my travels, this time to a remote Greek Island with the boi.

I do not usually allow my submissives the pleasure of travelling overseas with me so I wondered how she would fare. On the whole, she did very well and it pleased me to discover that she had made the effort to learn some Greek in case should I require this of her.

Over the years she has learned much and freely accepts her status. Obedience, a respectful manner and the acceptance of my will are integral to the success of our relationship. Her ability to anticipate my needs and the obvious pleasure she derives from this have earned her my respect.

My responsibility as Mistress is to accept her devotion and to shape and challenge her - giving her the space to grow.

I am pleased she has responded well, she has earned her leathers and more recently a second gold band as a symbol of her servitude.

In my opinion, a good submissive does not happen overnight but with time.

Trust, patience and (when boundaries are digressed) hard discipline have been the cornerstone of my d/s relationships. My punishments are not always physical but the intention is not to cause pain but to modify errant behaviour.

I am not the type of Mistress who is placated by a bouquet of flowers! Gifts and tributes are are received as an expression of a submissives' love and gratitude - and do not excuse poor behaviour.

There have been tears before bed-time but these days they are mostly as a result of the intensity of a scene and not because there is a lesson to be learned.

For those of you who are wondering - I love tears before bed-time!

30 June 2006

Country Pursuits

Well! What month that was!

Partying in the countryside seems to have whetted my appetite for things rural. Although not best known for my country pursuits the Dominatrix in me does have a way with animals. I have trained puppies, ponies, wild birds (not the feathered variety) and even the odd Daddy Bear.

It all comes down to strict discipline and there is nothing quite like the crack of a whip resonating through the open air to bring even the naughtiest animal into line.

I was delighted to attend Royal Ascot, although this event was more about quaffing champagne than studying form.

I thought my training services might be called upon when a sprightly filly called Red Evie delayed the start of the Sandringham Handicap by 15 minutes. True to her namesake, she was very naughty and went on to cause mayhem on the track. She redeemed herself by winning the race and I was quids in!

Then it was off for a weekend in the Lake District, naturally, I couldn't resist the photo opportunity and you can see my alternative Ascot outfit on the gallery pages

June 2006

Summer Breeze

Dragging oneself away from drinking Pimms in the garden was proving somewhat difficult until that silly slut of a maid jennifer arrived.

Whilst it is usual for submissives to bring gifts for the Mistress these are usually in the form of flowers, fine wine or items from Mistress's gift list. jennifer has always been a lore unto herself and arrived (mincing up the pathway) with a large black compost bin and a pair of RHS gardening gloves.

My peace was shattered and the Pimms became warm and attractive to bees. With the composter placed at the end of the garden I was sorely tempted to see if one could recyle errant housemaids! As for the gloves, well let it be said that I am more used to the latex variety but I am sure they will suit the slut when she is next pruning my roses.

Fortunately, I am a creature of the night and so it was off to Subversion's GI June. Great fun and so good to see Mistress Kate out and about again.

The fine weather had put me in a good mood and my exiled rubber slave was summoned. He spent most of the evening at my feet and just when he thought I was going to make polite conversation I shoved my cock in his mouth and pushed him down on his knees. Silence is golden...

As for tonight, I will be perving at a private soiree deep in the English countryside.