Welcome to my personal website, come in, look around and share in my dark musings then come back again to find out my latest news.

If you wish to read about me, my fetishes, likes and dislikes you may do so on the About Me page whilst on the Gallery page you will find pictures taken on my pervy holidays and at clubs (please note though there are no scene pictures posted in the public gallery).

There is a growing collection of hot SM fiction sharing some of my most intimate fantasies. Some is written by me and some written for me by grateful devotees. If you wish to submit a story for inclusion in this collection you may e-mail it to me for my consideration.

I am not offering private sessions at this time but should you wish to contact me I expect you to be respectful and to understand protocol. You may see me at events and clubs and whilst you may introduce yourself to me this does not automatically grant you access to my inner sanctum neither does it mean that I will play with you.

Your comments about this site are welcome so why not drop me a line and tell me what you would like to see next?

Lastly, I maintain a page of links to sites I've found useful, or just happen to like.

Mistress Alexia

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Club Pedestal

I will be at Club Pedestal on Friday 26 November

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Good boi

Thank you to the boi for resolving my site migration in record time. You have earned a gold star...

Mistress Alexia