About Me

Mistress Alexia only endorses safe, sane and consensual S&M Play between consenting adults.

This website has been created in response to your requests, it is free and I ask that you respect that the content, design and images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

I am a life-style dominatrix and dominant sadist with a fetish for latex and a passion for the single tail whip. I enjoy and am experienced in many forms of play (see below). I will not tolerate fools or rebelliousness but I do have a sense of humour. I can be extremely cruel or kind and sensitive and will push the physical and psychological boundaries of those fortunate enough to warrant my attention. In return I expect my submissives to be well-mannered and clean, have a genuine desire to serve and strength of character.

I currently have two collared submissives in my household, my lesbian boi and my worthless slut of a housemaid, jennifer. You can read more about them on the SM Fiction page.

Types of play I enjoy:

Play I will not do:

I am not offering private sessions at this time and I do not offer any sexual services whatsoever so please do not embarrass yourself by asking.

I am a crew member of London Fetish Scene where you can read reviews and articles and find up to the minute information about the fetish scene.

Trivia about Mistress Alexia:

Star sign:Aquarius
Height:5' 6"
Heels:Size: UK 6 or 7. Preferably with platform and 6" heel
Clothing:UK 12 (Medium)
Favourite films:The Bork Sessions, The Matrix Trilogy, Scarface, Cabaret
Actor:Al Pacino
Actress:Sigourney Weaver, Jodie Foster
Women:Butch/boyish (tattooed)
Diva:Cecilia Bartoli
Foods:Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean
Photography:Helmut Newton, Trevor Watson, Arbus, Bob Carlos Clarke
Childhood Memory:Running roller skates over caterpillars (sad but true)
Flowers:White lillies, peonies