The Gallery - Part I

Mistress Alexia

I had spent the most of the night working an interrogation scene that had been weeks in the planning...a birthday present with a difference…it had certainly been that.

I was still wearing my scene clothes when I left the dungeon, heeled boots, jeans, utility belt (with handcuffs still attached in a pouch police-style at the waist), floor length coat and gloves. With the exception of the black tee-shirt I had changed into before leaving I was dressed head to toe in black leather.

In most places at 11:00 am in the morning this sort of attire would raise eyebrows but my dungeon was tucked away in a loft in the arts district of an area north of the London's financial district - here no one batted an eyelid.

I was half-way to my car when the weather clouded over and rain started to slap hard against the pavement. There was a small gallery along the street that had recently changed hands so I buzzed the intercom and went in to wait out the storm. This is where I met Jay.

The front gallery was showing exhibition of portraits. A pile of glossy coffee table books and a stand of post cards stood at the bottom of the stairs, maybe I would buy one. I continued up to the first floor to look at an exhibition of erotic bronzes by made by an artist in Cornwall.

The centrepiece was a sculpture displayed in the centre of a dimly lit room. It hung from the ceiling by a gold chain which was attached to intricate bronze ropes that bound a naked girl in a knotty hog-tie.

It was exquisite.

As I circled the sculpture it swayed on its chain; when viewing it from one side I could detect the hint of a struggle, from the other, a girl in bondage heaven. I stood staring at the hefty price tag; it would cost all I had earned in the last month and then some.

Stunning! a low voice said from behind me and I turned to see a petite androgynous woman with raven hair, cropped close. Her head was cocked to one side as she stood in that way that only a top can stand; staring at me from the glass desk she was propped against. I couldn't be sure but I thought I detected a momentary smile on her lips to indicate that she was more than aware of the double-entendre of her comment.

Yes she is...I am very tempted., I replied trying to sound as if the comment had passed me by. The woman walked towards me a soft smile across her face Jay Ross she said extending her hand and at the same time looking into my eyes with an intensity that made my clit jump.

It's a Heppell, they fly out of here as soon as we get them. We've waited months for this one she added. The only reason it hasn't gone is because it was late arriving, the others in this show are all sold.

Alexia Vine I responded taking her hand. I know, I've seen your work or should I say handiwork? I looked at her quizzically, not sure what work she was referring to as I also had a small photographic studio attached to the front of the loft.

I saw you at Mack's party last week, quite handy with that whip. The penny dropped as I recognised the heavy silver motorcycle chain around her wrist and the rings on her thumb and fingers. Only today she wasn't packing the cock that I had watched her sink into the pretty brunette who was also at the mercy of her very scary friends.

Well, well, well, it certainly is a small town.I smiled

I remembered her watching me that night when she stood drinking beer with the leather-women, she was wearing chaps and a black leather waistcoat that had been left undone to display her boyish breasts.

We stood silently looking at the sculpture, the sound of the rain hitting the windows. I could feel her breath on my neck and it made me acutely aware that my cunt was wet and my clit was throbbing to the rhythm of my pulse.

I felt a hand on my hip, it was unexpected and I jumped a little Storm making you nervous? she said keeping her hand on me.

Are you hitting on me or just making small talk? I asked without turning to face her Small talk isn't my forte... she replied. I didn't answer for a while whilst I weighed up my options. Well then it would be churlish of me to refuse I answered.

Jay steered me to a tiny room at the back of the gallery. Once inside I took off my gloves, squared my shoulders and leaned against the door. Now what? I said raising an eyebrow. She slid a hand up under my vest and located my nipple, her mouth replacing her fingers as she tried to fumble with the button fly on my leathers. Pushing her hands away I locked the door and dumped my shoulder bag on the worktop.

As horny as I was there was no way I was going to be another notch in this butch's belt - it would be bad for business and what's more, I love a challenge.

If I'm not mistaken that's the smell of cunt ... I love the smell of cunt. I whispered as I undid my fly and slipped the cock from my bag into the harness I was wearing under my jeans. Before she could answer, I pushed her roughly against the wall and kissed her long and hard whilst undoing her shirt.

Are you sure about this? I'd hate to make you all hot and sweaty. she taunted as she sank to her knees and took my cock in her mouth like a faggot in a bath house - she was playing with me.

Every now and again she looked up at me and locked her eyes into mine; the sight of this butch with my cock filling her face was burning my cunt and she knew it. She slipped her hand between my legs and tried to finger-fuck me between the straps of the harness. In one swift move I grabbed her arms and pulled her up to face me - she stepped back, laughing and licked her fingers.

Although taller than her, my stature did not seem to faze her. Her strength could match mine and I sensed she was enjoying the tussle.

I watched as she undid her trousers and let them slide to the floor, her eyes watching mine as I admired at her naked ass. She stripped off her shirt to reveal a black net vest that held her breasts tightly in place. I made a grab for a nipple only to be blocked by an arm. I reached inside my coat and pulled my knife My weapon of choice. I smiled Japanese steel. In a lightening flash she grabbed my wrist and stepped in towards me - part winding me with her elbow in my chest.

Play nicely now! A knife is a dangerous weapon in the hands of princess. I'd hate you to cut yourself. I recovered my breath and circled my wrist down causing her to lose her grip. With my free hand, using an old martial arts move, I spun her around, placing her in a wrist lock and moved my knife hand to her throat. Keeping her wrist locked in place I bent her forward kicking her legs apart as I did so. She tapped my thigh twice, a clear indication that she had knowledge of martial arts protocol and was submitting to my move. I never had you down for such a good boi! I exclaimed as I released her wrist.

I slipped a condom over my cock and smiled as she leaned further forward and offered me her moist crack.

I really couldn't tell if she was playing with me or if it was genuine submission - at this stage I didn't care. She grunted as I grabbed her hips and pushed my full length into her. She stumbled and almost lost her footing. Steadying herself with both arms outstretched and hands gripping the edge of the worktop she moaned as we fucked in the tiny back room.

Perspiration rolled down the back of her neck. Her heavily tattooed biceps flexed as I fucked hard and mercilessly and her breath came in desperate gasps. I slammed into her letting out a low growl as my pelvis banged hard into her ass. I moved my hand to her clit and she rubbed back and forth on my finger. Still fighting for breath a guttural resonance filled the room as she came in a torrent.

I just managed to grab her around the waist before she slumped forward. I've got you, I've got you. I panted as we slowly slid to the floor legs quivering. I guess I didn't see that one coming. she said as we disentangled ourselves from the hot sweaty mess we had become.

You need any aftercare? I sneered Bitch! she responded laughing You could have used some lube! Touche! I conceded. I watched her as she washed in the small sink in the corner, the tattoos on her back and arms ablaze under the pink glow of her skin.

Now I guess I have to buy the sculpture. I said as I was straightening my clothes. Then I will have to deliver and install it in person. she said as we went back out into the gallery.

I paid for the sculpture and left her leaning in the doorway, I swear I could feel her stare burning into me as I walked down the street. I think she was expecting me to look back and wave but in defiance I adopted my best top's swagger and carried on down the street to my car.

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